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Orthopaedics from a different point of view

Many people suffer from chronic illnesses whose symptoms cannot be relieved by drugs at all or only insufficiently.

Customary treatments often exceed considerable side-effects, most patients do not even know that their condition can be influenced.

New alternative therapeutic and diagnostic plans are sometimes yielding astonishing results in our practise. In treating chronic pain – in particular when other therapies
failed –, the Liebscher-Bracht therapy is an indispensable part of our treatment.

When treating neurological illnesses, remarkable results may also be achieved sometimes by new modes of therapy. During the last years, two new kinds of acupuncture have been established in Germany for treating neurological illnesses and vegetative symptoms.

YNSA – Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture - is superior to classical body acupuncture especially when dealing with neurological disorders. Large-scale studies have proven its efficacy in stroke aftercare. Paralysis and speech disorder can be significantly improved by this kind of acupuncture, early treatment may even lead to full recess.

Implant acupuncture is an advancement of ear acupuncture. Implants made of titanium or dissolvable materials are inserted into the ear to provide for lasting stimulation of the central nervous system. Particularly disorders of the central nervous system (e. g., M. Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, restless legs syndrome) can be treated with astonishing results.

Bioresonance therapy helps in many cases to detect and treat the – often hidden – causes of medical conditions. Bioresonance therapy has almost no side-effects, being a gentle treatment without medication. Hence, it is perfectly suited for the therapy of infants and children.

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